Disease areas of special interest

I am particularly interested in oncology (particularly immunotherapy and targeted therapies) and eye diseases, but am comfortable working across most therapy areas. 


multiple myeloma, ovarian cancer, endometrial cancer, prostate cancer screening, lung cancer, sarcoma, myelodysplastic syndrome

CAR T-cell therapy, monoclonal antibodies, immune checkpoint inhibitors, anti-PD-(L)1 inhibitors, PARP inhibitors, anti-BCMA therapy, immunomodulatory drugs


inherited retinal eye diseases, glaucoma, cataracts

RNA therapies for childhood blindess, intraocular lenses

Additional key therapy areas I have worked on


Arthritis   Asthma   Biosimilars   Botulinum toxin in aesthetics   Bowel preparation  

Breast implants   Childhood vaccinations   Contrast agents   Cow's milk protein allergy  
Depression  Diabetes   Dysphagia   Eczema   Growth hormone   Haemophilia   Herpes  Hyaluronic acid fillers   Immune thrombocytopenia  Influenza  Medical nutrition   Migraine 
Neuropathic pain  Obesity  Ophthalmic surgical devices  Osteoporosis    
  Overactive bladder  Psoriasis   Psoriatic arthritis   Restless legs syndrome   

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