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Freelance Medical Writer | Medical Communications Specialist


I am a UK-based freelance medical writer with 29 years of experience in medical communications.


I am a Certified Medical Publications Professional (CMPP), and offer a broad range of medical writing and editing services either ad hoc or on a longer-term basis. I specialise in oncology but also work across multiple therapy areas.


My clients include medical communications agencies, medical education companies, PR agencies, clinical trial recruitment companies, pharmaceutical companies and charities.

Communication involves passing messages between sender and recipient to share ideas and information


Within medical communications, ideas and information are shared with diverse audiences including specialists, healthcare professionals, allied healthcare professionals, payers, patients and carers. These recipients differ in their perspective, interest and needs in terms of how best this information is delivered.


This is where I come in. 


As a professional medical writer, my role is to craft the messages that will be relayed, to make this communication effective.


To discuss a potential project, please contact me:


Lyndsey Wood BSc (Hons), CMPP 

Director, Synamedi Writing Ltd


Tel: +44 (0)7703 487139



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